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Patristic Theories of Redemption

The fathers of the early church fought very hard to preserve orthodox teaching regarding the person of Christ.  There were numerous assaults on his divinity and nature, and the Council of Chalcedon seemed to put the issue to rest for good.  The teaching that Jesus Christ, was eternal, always existed, is fully divine, and fully … Continue reading Patristic Theories of Redemption

3 Ways To Share The Gospel To Culture

-Featured Guest Post by Jeff Perry- Presenting the gospel has always been a recurring topic among Christians. I asked a handful of individuals what the gospel was in their own words? “The gospel helps us pray, and get into the Word more and become more like Christ.” “The gospel directs our hearts to love as … Continue reading 3 Ways To Share The Gospel To Culture

Book Review: Paul and His Team

No matter what capacity you have in life you have heard of leadership.  Leadership is something that influences every aspect of our life.  Whether it be work, home, church, or a volunteer activity leadership is something we are involved in.  Leadership involves providing a clear vision, the ability to share the vision, and giving the … Continue reading Book Review: Paul and His Team

Council of Chalcedon

The Council of Chalcedon took place a mere twenty years after the Council of Ephesus.  Its impact on Christology and doctrine is one that cannot be understated.  The council came about because of a new teaching on the nature of Christ by a monk by the name of Eutyches.  To summarize his view, he taught … Continue reading Council of Chalcedon

Book Review: A History of the Church in 100 Objects

Whether we like it or not, history is something that has an impact on all of our lives.  We hopefully learn from it, honor those who came before us, and treasure mementos from the past that have significant meaning for us.   In his new book A History of the Church in 100 Objects author and church … Continue reading Book Review: A History of the Church in 100 Objects