Importance of the Small Group

Aubrey Malphurs says “Disciple making does not end with a person’s conversion, however.  It’s an ongoing process that encourages the believer to follow Christ and become more like Him[1].”  With this taken into account we need to ask ourselves a question.  What is the most effective way to make disciples?  Do we get as many … Continue reading Importance of the Small Group


Historicity of Matthew and Mark

Who wrote the books of Matthew and Mark.  Early church fathers have said on many occasions that the Gospel of Matthew was written by Matthew.  Papias said  "Matthew wrote the oracles in the Hebrew language [or dialect], and every one interpreted them as was able."  [1]  The church fathers accepted Matthew as the author of … Continue reading Historicity of Matthew and Mark

Book Offer for Easter

Thank you for your support. The book has done pretty well since it came out. I am overwhelmed by the response. Now through Easter the price for the ebook is only 99 cents! Please share. Faith and Reason: How the Two Work to Build a Dynamic Faith via Limited time $0.99 offer — William Hemsworth

Movie Review: Heaven Bound

We have all gone through hard times in our lives at some point.  Whether it be financial pressures, work related stress, unemployment, or a spiritual attack we have all had struggles.  Through our struggles and pain we must have faith. In the new film from fishflix Christian Movies there is such a premise.  The husband (Michael Joiner) lost his … Continue reading Movie Review: Heaven Bound

Book Review: CSB Ultrathin Reference Bible

Late last year Holman announced that they will soon be releasing the Christian Standard Bible.  Like some of you, I groaned at the thought of another translation going into an already flooded market of English scripture translations.  The CSB is a revision of the popular Holman Christian Standard Bible that was released in 2004. Holman … Continue reading Book Review: CSB Ultrathin Reference Bible

Inerrancy Matters

In my opinion, biblical inerrancy is one of those concepts that differentiates Christianity from other faiths.  Other faiths claim that their scriptures are divinely inspired, and are without error but the bible backs it up.   P.D. Feinberg describes inerrancy as “ the view when all facts are become known, they will demonstrate that the Bible … Continue reading Inerrancy Matters