Adoptionism and Docetism in the Early Church

When we think of the early days of Christianity, there is a tendency to think about our ancestors in the faith in today’s terms.  We may think they met in churches when they actually met in homes.  That every doctrine that we hold to today was laid out the same back then.  Unfortunately, this line … Continue reading Adoptionism and Docetism in the Early Church


We All Need Sympathy

For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who in every respect has been tested as we are, yet without sin.- Hebrews 4:15 (NRSV)   Like it or not, we are in the throws of the holiday season.  Christmas songs are already on … Continue reading We All Need Sympathy

Book Review: Christ-Centered Apologetics

Apologetics is a word in theology that is often misunderstood.  Despite its name, it does mean that we are apologizing for anything.  Quite the contrary, it comes from the Greek word Apologia which means "to make a defense".  In his book Christ-Centered Apologetics, author Joel Furches does a great job in explaining and defending key aspects of the … Continue reading Book Review: Christ-Centered Apologetics

Book Review: Paul the Apostle-Missionary, Martyr, Theologian

Besides our Lord himself, there are few men in history that have done more to spread Christianity through the known word than the Apostle Paul.  This great man of God wrote thirteen books of the New Testament, went on numerous missionary journeys, and many leaders of the early Church were disciples of his. Having a … Continue reading Book Review: Paul the Apostle-Missionary, Martyr, Theologian

Importance of the Resurrection

Every Easter we celebrate the resurrection of Christ.  It is the foundation of our faith, and without the resurrection are faith is futile (1 Corinthians 15:14).  Beyond proving that Jesus is the Christ, what does the resurrection prove?  The resurrection is about much more than the eyewitness accounts of the Apostles seeing the risen Jesus.  … Continue reading Importance of the Resurrection

Book Review: Jesus the Eternal Son

In its infancy, the church dealt with many heresies regarding the divinity of Christ.  There was Arianism which taught that Christ was a created being, Nestorianism which taught that there was no union between the divine and human nature of Christ, and Adoptionism which taught that Jesus was adopted as God's son either after his … Continue reading Book Review: Jesus the Eternal Son

Jesus and Anti-Imperialism

When the Gospels are read we read about Jesus healing the sick, showing mercy, forgiving sins, and caring for the poor.  These are all great things, and they should be emulated.  However, within the confines of our western way of thinking we may miss things in the Gospel accounts that will help us get a … Continue reading Jesus and Anti-Imperialism