Inerrancy Matters

In my opinion, biblical inerrancy is one of those concepts that differentiates Christianity from other faiths.  Other faiths claim that their scriptures are divinely inspired, and are without error but the bible backs it up.   P.D. Feinberg describes inerrancy as “ the view when all facts are become known, they will demonstrate that the Bible … Continue reading Inerrancy Matters


Book Review: Sharing Jesus Without Fear

AUTHOR INFORMATION   The most significant thing about William Fay, author of Share Jesus Without Fear, is the fact that God saved him while he was the president and CEO of an unnamed, international multimillion-dollar corporation. He writes “I owned one of the largest houses of prostitution” and “was involved in racketeering, bookmaking and gambling…and … Continue reading Book Review: Sharing Jesus Without Fear

Theology of Missions

When someone hears the term missions most of the times overseas adventures to an unknown people may develop in their minds.  Though this is part of it, there is much more to missions.  Missions is a way of life and the engaged believer seeks to take the Gospel across cultural barriers[1].  According to the Holman … Continue reading Theology of Missions

Book Review: Apostle of the Crucified Lord, Second Edition

The full title of the book is Apostle of the Crucified Lord:  An Introduction Paul and His Letters by Dr. Michael J. Gorman.  There are many books on the market regarding the Pauline letters, but this one is among the most thorough that I have come across.  In the introduction a brief discussion of the … Continue reading Book Review: Apostle of the Crucified Lord, Second Edition

San Xavier Mission: Tucson’s Oldest Church

Located nine miles south of Tucson is an American treasure.  The San Xavier Mission was built as a mission for the Native Americans in the Arizona Territory, and it serves the same purpose today.  The mission still runs a school as it did in the early days of the mission.  The history of the mission … Continue reading San Xavier Mission: Tucson’s Oldest Church

Stuck on Stage One

Everything we do is done in stages.  As an example we learn to crawl before walking, and walking before running.  The point of a stage is to prepare for something more difficult in the future.  It is the same with discipleship.  In discipleship, there are three stages which are evangelize, disciple, and train.  These three … Continue reading Stuck on Stage One

Book Review: Kingdom Family Devotional

The Kingdom Family Devotional is a book written by Dr. Tony Evans and his son Jonathan.  It is geared towards the whole family, and personally it has challenged me to be a better husband and father.  The devotional covers a variety of different topics ranging from Love, respect, and forgiveness.  Each week covers a different … Continue reading Book Review: Kingdom Family Devotional

Biblical Inerrancy Among Evangelicals from 1900-Present

When one studies the history of the evangelical movement it is fairly easy to see the foundation.  However, it is also beneficial to determine what an evangelical is.  Many today use the term, but they mean it in a different sense than what has been historically understood.  An evangelical is more than a protestant church … Continue reading Biblical Inerrancy Among Evangelicals from 1900-Present

Book Review: The Story Devotional

The Story Devotional is a daily devotional based on The Story Bible.  It contains 365 daily devotions that take one from the beginning of the Bible in Genesis all the way to Revelation.  There is no bouncing around as the devotions go in order corresponding to the Biblical books. The devotions contain anywhere from one … Continue reading Book Review: The Story Devotional